Our Team

Laurie Spencer – Owner/Pilot

Laurie has been flying for over 30 years, which is impressive for only being “29” years old. She has honed her flying skills over this time while representing an impressive corporate client list. Her flying skills are unmatched, and she seems to be one with the balloon when at the controls. She enjoys sharing her love of the sport with the people she meets through her adventures. There is no better ambassador for the sport than Laurie. 

Scott Ashby – Pilot

Scott has been flying for 24 years, which isn’t so impressive since he’s way older than 29. He married into the Lighter Than Air family and worked his way from “the guy holding a rope” into a corporate pilot. As a Captain for a major airline, Scott spends a great deal of time in the air but enjoys the close relationships with passengers and clients that only ballooning can provide.

Ray Foster – Crew Chief

Ray has been working with the team for 26 years. Having crewed for numerous pilots over the years, Ray has the experience that makes him an expert in every area of the operation. His larger-than-life personality brings a smile to the people he meets, and his laugh is unmistakable. Ray is just a friend you have not met yet.

Rich Fuhriman – Crew Chief

Rich has been part of the family for over 20 years. As a police officer, Rich worked security for many of the local events and became close friends with the Spencer’s. Once he retired, he began volunteering as a crew member and has become an invaluable asset. Do not let his smile and relaxed demeanor fool you – we are fairly sure he can still disable a man with two fingers!      

Courtney Parker – Crew Chief

Courtney has been with us for 18 years. The brains of the crew, Courtney keeps the boys in line and on task. She is calm, collected, and organized, which is invaluable for coordinating the crew and keeping everyone working safely. She loves to travel. Without her, our travel adventures would not be possible. 

These few are just the tip of the iceberg.  Lighter Than Air America events are made possible by numerous volunteers that make our business a leader in the corporate balloon and event industry. To name them all would be an endless task. These folks work behind the scenes to make sure our balloons operate safely and efficiently. We have an IT specialist, a drone pilot and photographer. We have an event volunteer coordinator, an event set up coordinator, event safety specialists, MC’s flight coordinators, and Public Relations.  We have countless volunteer ground crew that we rely on. We cannot thank these people enough but hope you will next time you see us at an event.