Corporate Advertising

Lighter Than Air America operates within several unique and highly specialized areas of the ballooning industry. The most visible is the ownership and operation of both round and special shaped corporate aircraft for brands such as Disney, Coca Cola, CapEd Credit Union and past clients, Kellogg’s, ReMax and countless others. Maybe you have seen a Coca Cola balloon in the sky above your town, Tony the Tiger at your local grocery store or Disney’s “Happiest Balloon on Earth” (Mickey Mouse) floating on the horizon. If so, you have seen our team at work.

Another area of operation is the planning and execution of highly specialized ballooning promotions for our clients. Examples of this work are the Disney Grand Canyon flight, the 2000 Millennium Celebration which was viewed from all over the world and the movie premiere of Oz the Great and Powerful in Hollywood, CA. In 2018, Lighter Than Air America had the pleasure of partnering with fashion designer Christian Dior providing two specially manufactured balloons for their fashion show in the Santa Monica mountains outside Los Angeles, CA. The following year, Nieman Marcus selected one of our balloons to be featured in their fall catalog. All of these events were seen by millions of people in print, on social media and TV. Imagine what Lighter Than Air America can do for your company. If we can airlift a balloon to the floor of the Grand Canyon and then fly in tricky conditions (which had never been done before) and be striking enough to share the stage with Christian Dior supermodels, we can do anything. 

The sky and your imagination are literally the limit. Have you been to the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic or the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede? Yep, you guessed it. Those events are produced by Lighter Than Air America. For over 30 years, Lighter Than Air America has brought hundreds of balloons from around the world to both Boise, ID and Walla Walla, WA for these annual events. These balloon rallies bring smiles and joy to children and adults of all ages. Our team at Lighter Than America look forward to seeing you at one of our community events soon. Who wants to go for a balloon ride? Everyone wants to go for a balloon ride, right? Count on Lighter Than Air America to help cross this item off your bucket list. Whether you are popping the question to that special someone, looking for a unique anniversary or birthday gift or just looking for a new adventure, depend on Lighter Than Air America to create an experience with memories that will last a lifetime.

Corporate/Promotional Questions

Q.  How long has Lighter Than Air America operated corporate balloons?

A.  We have been operating as a corporate provider since 1989.

Q.  How much does a corporate balloon operation cost?

A.  Depends on how much exposure you would like for your company. We have operated with banners attached to current balloons for a one time event at nominal cost all the way up to a special event costing well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most of our clients operate on a multi-year exclusive contract with costs agreed to in advance. No job is too big or too small. Please contact us so we can discuss your vision and to tailor a program to fit your needs and imagination.

Q.  Do you travel for clients?

A.  Yes. We regularly travel within the United States. We have also traveled as far as Asia, Europe and regularly attend a yearly festival in Leon, Mexico for a prominent client. We would love to represent your company throughout the US and globally to reach as many customers as possible.