About Us

Lighter Than Air America is the brainchild of founder Scott Spencer. As a child in Boise, ID. Scott looked to the skies and dreamed about one day taking flight. At the young age of 14, Scott took his first flight in a hot air balloon and was hooked. From that moment on, his love and passion for flight and hot air balloons, grew exponentially.

Scott learned to fly as a teenager and did everything he could to stay in the sky. When a local company paid Scott to attach a banner to his balloon, the idea of a hot air ballooning company was sparked. In 1989, Lighter Than Air America was born.

For several years Scott grew Lighter Than Air America into a thriving business and leader in corporate ballooning. In 1995 he married Laurie. An avid balloonist herself, the two were inseparable and later married. For 25 years they operated the company and traveled the world promoting numerous brands with their colorful balloons.

Unfortunately, in 2019 the ballooning world lost a true pioneer in the sport with the passing of Scott. He touched many lives with his kindness, generosity and wit.  Today, Laurie continues to operate the business with the same passion and attention to detail that has made Lighter Than Air America a leader in the ballooning industry. Together, with a group of volunteers that are more family than “employees”, Lighter Than Air America is your go to resource for all your corporate and private ballooning adventures.