What The Stores Are Saying
about balloon team visits...

Tony the Tiger  joined the balloon team for the Los Angeles spring tour last year.  Here is what a few of the store directors said about our visits to their stores: 

Geneva Thomas
This letter is being written to express my great satisfaction in the job done by Scott and Laurie as they handled our visit with Tony The Tiger.

Not only did our sales increase due to the way they promoted the cereal, but the interaction between them and our customers, young and old, was fantastic. I have never seen so many older adults waiting to get anything, let alone a sticker of Tony.

The professional manner in which they handled themselves and our customers was, in a word, exemplary. We would love to host the event again and would really love to have Scott and Laurie conduct the visit.

Again, I can’t put in to words the worry free process this event was, produced under their direction. Please let us know when this event will be in our area again.


Geneva Thomas
District Personnel Manager


Jim & Tony the Tiger
Albertson’s 6124
Jim Osiecki
Store Director
Huntington Beach, California

"Our store visit was very well planned and executed with a high degree of professionalism.  Not only did it create huge in store excitement, it was the most photo’s we’ve taken in a very long time.

I’m impressed that kids are still coming in and thanking us for bringing Tony the Tiger to the store!"

Albertson's 6129
Bob Mullinax
Store Director
Paramount, California
"I thought it was awesome!

Our response from pre-promotion was good, but when Tony the Tiger arrived in his Star Coach, then made his first appearance in the store ... I was shocked at the response. We were swamped. Thank God this wasn’t in an ad!!!

The program and team were professional and clearly knew how to manage the crowd, I wish they could have stayed all day!

We should have them in at every Grande and Remodel Opening."


Andie is under Tony the Tiger's right shoulder
Albertson’s 6119
Andie Enriquez
Front End Manager
Fullerton, California

"It was Awesome ... no, Gr-r-reat! People are still thanking us and then asking when Tony the Tiger will be back.  It was a wonderful way to show our customers we care."


Mike and his pal Tony
Albertson’s 6134
Mike Pellet
Store Director
Garden Grove, California

"Our Tony The Tiger store visit created lots of good will with our customers. We were thrilled with the carry over from the mornings school visit, many of the children from the school came to meet Tony the Tiger.

The balloon team coupon was another wonderful touch to an excellent promotion.

Positive, positive, positive !  It was Gr-r-reat!"


That's Paula on the left
Von’s 2009
Paula Lyman
Store Manager
Burbank, California

"What a Gr-r-reat Promotion!

Our store is in the heart of Burbank and we have an older customer base, but our seniors loved Tony.

Our customers and staff were very impressed with Kellogg’s and Tony the Tiger and want you all back soon.

Thanks for all the fun!!!


John Luna, Tony the Tiger and Character host Laurie
Von’s 2652
John Luna
Store Manager
Los Angeles, California

"This promotion was extremely successful. It brings the community to really identify with major corporations.

Seeing the happy faces of the children, (small ones and big ones) and the anticipation of meeting the REAL ‘Tony The Tiger’ which they so well know, assures the continued success of Kellogg’s and especially, Frosted Flakes ”


Tom and Tony
Von’s 2261
Tom Ryan
Store Manager
Los Angeles, California

"Our Tony The Tiger promotion was very successful. Our school was incredibly  receptive and the students learned history, reading and math with a ‘good nutrition’ message.

This is a great community builder for any area.  Thanks to Tony and the Team !”


Tony and Kent
Albertson’s 6554
Kent Callahan
Store Director
Diamond Bar, California

"Everyone is a kid at heart no matter what their age. This event put smiles on all of my customers faces and a real BIG one on mine.

Tony really gets a ton of attention and helped me, and my store have a Gr-r-reat time!”


Albertson’s 7202
Angie Nielson
Sacramento, California

"Scott, Laurie and Tony are wonderful, they have a true commitment to what they do. They are Gr-r-reat!

Tony The Tiger gave me the opportunity to meet my customers and their children in a fun and exciting environment. It was fun to see parents and kids so happy. This is a wonderful way for us to build the Albertson relationship with our community of customers. Thanks Kellogg’s!”


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