What You Need To Know About Your Store Visit From Us


Congratulations!  Your store has been selected as one of only a handful of stores nationwide that will receive a visit from the Kellogg Hot Air Balloon Team this year.

We are thrilled at the opportunity to be able to come out and meet you and your stores customers. We’re also very anxious to share a day with you and offer our thanks for your faithful support of Kellogg’s and our many products over the years.

Stores that receive a visit, in conjunction with the Team’s participation in a local Festival or Ballooning Event should contact our office directly, or your Kellogg Representative for a complete description of your visit.

This page contains information that will be helpful as you plan for our arrival:

  • If anything, our Promotional Team has an outgoing personality. They should not be likened in any way to the routine “sample” personnel that regularly visit your store. Our promotional work in your store will be interactive with you, your employee’s and your customers and their young children. Enjoy the moment!  
  • Our promotional team will arrive at your store about one hour prior to the scheduled visit. This will give the Team an opportunity to meet with you and arrange the final details of their visit, including; placement of outdoor and indoor cold air inflatable balloons and display space.  
As You Plan – Please REMEMBER:

Our Promotional Team is more than happy to visit your Partner Elementary School too ! 

For our exterior display at your store: 

  • Our promotional Team will arrive in their unique Kellogg’s Support Vehicle.  When it arrives your promotion has begun!  
  • If you would be so kind as to arrange a parking spot near the front of the store, it would be appreciated.  During the visit, the Team will work from the vehicle with promotional items and, on occasion, character visits.  
  • Over the next forty-five minutes, the Promotional Team will install various cold air inflatable balloons around your store. 
With the cold air balloons installed, the fun starts… 
  • With cold air installation complete, where possible, based on space available and current weather conditions, the Promotional Team would like to attempt an inflation of one of our hot air balloons. It is important that you understand, that THIS WILL NOT WORK FOR EVERY STORE.  In fact most stores just don’t have room for the seven story tall hot air balloon. You will know long before we arrive at your store if an inflation will even be attempted.
In the event of a hot air balloon inflation:
  • In the interest of safety an area of 150 feet by 150 feet square is required. That area must be free of over head objects like power lines, tress and light poles. 
  • For balloon inflations, we ask that a few representatives of your store are assigned to the effort. It will draw a crowd, and it is appropriate that we involve you and yours in that process. While it is a Kellogg balloon, it is presented to consumers on your behalf.  
  • The Promotional Team will do their best to attempt a hot air balloon inflation at your store. However, we ask that you treat the hot air inflation as a bonus, if it takes place. We are working hard to meet the promotional demands placed upon us. With the advent of larger stores and small parking lots our balloons have been caught in the middle. We are working hard to design new and unique equipment to meet our parking area “size” needs.  
  • If the Promotional Team makes a hot air inflation, the balloon will be up for about an hour and a half, depending, once again, on weather. The Team is unable to do rides for customers or the general public, we will however, make every attempt where possible, to invite select store V.I.P.’s on-board for a quick lift aloft on a tether. When the flight activity is complete, the balloon will be packed up and the Team will visit with customers, inside the store.
One Thing Is Certain – Our Promotional Team Generates Smiles
And Smiles Create Happy Shoppers!

Remember:  The Team can’t be in two places at once.  They will either be working together inside the store or outside with the hot air balloon.

The In-Door promotion at your store:

  • Once inside the store, our Promotional Team members will establish an area to work from, near the inflatable balloons.  
  • The Team’s primary job is to interact with consumers as representatives of the Kellogg Company. The Team is there to help you sell the various Kellogg products. 
  • The Promotions Team will come equipped with stickers and special premiums that will be offered to consumers against Kellogg products purchased.  
  • On flight days, the Team will remain in your store for approximately three hours. 
Visits that include “CHARACTER” TONY:
  • Some Store Visits, with prior arrangement, may include an appearance by “Character” Tony.  
  • Upon our arrival at your store, in addition to selecting areas for cold air inflatable balloons, the Team will need an area to be assigned for the character visit. This should include selecting an area for lines to form and a briefing for any store employee’s that you may elect to have participate in the appearance.  
  • Tony creates a pretty big stir during a visit. Chances are better than good, that during the time we visit your store, things will take on a decidedly noisier, busier atmosphere. That’s all part of the excitement of our visit! 
  • Expect us to be at your store for about 2 and 1/2 hours. During that time, Tony the Tiger will leave the store and return to the Kellogg Support Vehicle about every 20 minutes. 
Tony the Tiger's performance time in stores varies. At a busier store, we'll extend our in-store time to meet the demand. At a quieter store, breaks may be more frequent, we can't have Tony the Tiger just standing around with no one to talk to can we?  

Your Promotional Team will work hard to insure that a perpetual "line" exists during the time of our visit.

  • Our space requirements are modest. Our actual photo and 'Meet & Greet' area should be no less than 15 feet wide and 18 feet deep. Our photographer will need to be able to move far enough away to get some images.

  • Electrical power should be accessible to the area, Tony the Tiger's photo back drop is an inflatable box of Frosted Flakes, draped with a red curtain and gold cord. It is 11' feet wide and 10 feet tall. 

    As you plan where you want us to work within your store,  be sure and give thought to the possibility of “lines” forming as guests wait their turn to meet Tony the Tiger.  

  • How many children will we see?  Your pre-promotion of our visit will have a big effect on the net result.  However, in three hours, if we can photograph Tony the Tiger with 200 children, we have had a very busy afternoon. 
  • Remember, we are at your store to help you motivate sales of  Tony the Tiger's favorite cereal, Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, so please be sure and have a display of our products near our photo area. Our appearances tend to make them 'roar' off the shelf. 
  • Often times, each young guest that takes a photo with Tony the Tiger will receive a special gift, in addition to the photo. 
  • Tony the Tiger has a special collection of photographs he has taken with Store Directors from all over the country... he's going to want one with you to. 
  • Your team comes ready to photograph your customers with Tony the Tiger.  You will need to supply the Polaroid film.  On average, 15 to 18 rolls of Polaroid 600 film are used per visit.
    We recognize that shooting Polaroid film is expensive when compared to other methods like box cameras, with film developed at your own one hour counter, however ... this process often involves extended organization and help for us from your staff.

    We are capable of meeting as many as 50 to 60 children and adults per set with Polaroid, and less than half that number with box or 35 mm pictures.

    The decision is certainly yours, but we urge the use of Polaroid film, if for no other reason than the instant result it will provide your customer. Our follow-up research indicates that many times, fewer than half the 35mm or box images taken, ever get picked up by customers. That's a shame and certainly not the intent of the promotional effort. 

  • Don't let anything surprise you during our visit, nothing surprises us. Young or old, everyone loves Tony the Tiger... we often see children dressed “ala Tiger” during our visits... but the one thing we see most ... are some of the biggest smiles this, or any other planet has to offer! 
  • Grande’ Openings.  In the best of times, this is a hectic period for all concerned. While we aren't trying to make matters worse, we know we will end up being one aspect of many vendors trying to make your important day as special as possible. While we will be as flexible to your needs as possible, the safety of our corporate icon and his presentation to his many fans around the world, is of the highest concern to us as we plan your event.
Our Biggest Challenges

We hate to mention negatives, but there are a few things that continue to haunt us at our visits, and we must make you aware of them prior to our arrival.

We hear from stores again and again, that they have never seen such a powerful and effective presentation of a character, as they see with our Tony the Tiger visits.

Tony the Tiger isn't delivered, he is presented to your store and its customers. As the icon of the Kellogg Company we are pretty proud, and very protective of Tony the Tiger.

Your Promotional Team can, with your help, make this one of the most unique promotions you will ever have at your store.

Our family at Kellogg's is committed to making your promotion a great success for your store yet one remember, this is a promotion that has required a substantial financial commitment from Kellogg's.

Our challenges continue to be :

a)  Differences in the way some stores conduct photo promotions with characters like Santa or the Easter Bunny. Tony the Tiger does not wander through the store, he works from a specific area.

b)  Tony the Tiger does not talk. Tony the Tiger's character lead talks for him.

c) Tony the Tiger is TONY THE TIGER. Tony the Tiger is not a character in a suit (as any child will tell you). We never cease to be amazed at adults, consumers and employee's alike, who ask us, in front of children, "Who is in the suit ?" 

Imagination is a wonderful thing that needs exercise sometimes. Your encouragement of staff at your store will go along way to that end.

d)  Store employee's that want premiums for their children. 

While we certainly understand their desire to provide something for their children, we must always remember that this promotion is for the store’s customers that are in the store at the time of our visit.

On more than one occasion, we have been placed in the awkward position of having upset employee's, breaking into line and demanding these premium items ... in front of your customers. This problem is made worse because we are under specific instruction as to how these items are to be distributed. We know you wouldn't approve of this behavior, yet it happens all to often.

We do leave those items that are left over from the promotion, with you, to distribute as YOU see fit.

Please understand, we are not trying to be cheap, but because we are traveling, we have a limited ability to carry premiums with us. We are under specific restriction regarding premiums to CHILDREN, in the store at the time of our visit.

We know you can help us with these issues, and ask that you brief your employee's accordingly. 

Communication, prior to our arrival appears to hold the key to our in-store success with your special promotional event.

  • A word Of Thanks... We are thrilled that you have invited Tony the Tiger to come for a visit. Further, we are certain that this will be one of the most unique promotions you have ever hosted in your store. For those old enough to remember, it will remind you of the traditional in-store promotions of the late fifties and early sixties. Tony the Tiger will drive this exciting promotion for you, building customer loyalty and brand equity in the process.  Enjoy The Visit! 
Questions:     Please feel free to contact us at 
                     Tony the Tiger's Secret Lair ...... 208-375-0512

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