2008 - Special Booking Offers

We have several special booking offers available for early bookings in the 2008 season available to you now, through December 1, 2007.

Offer Number One:

2008 – Red Team / Wal*Mart / Tour:

The standard “daily rate” in 2008 for the “Red Team” promotion will be $1,300 per day based on a four (4) day specific area (all stores local) promotional week.

Until December 1, 2007, all RSR’s booking a five (5) day promotional week, with a specific area (all stores local) will receive the 2006/2007 Daily Rate of $1,150 per day.
(an $750.00 Savings)

Note : Offer good against Wal*Mart Sales Team minimum use of 125 total days.

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Offer Number Two:

2008 – Blue Team / On Demand Operations:

The 2008 standard daily rate for “On Demand” work is $1,500 per day based on a four (4) day specific area promotion or event work week, generally considered to be Thursday through Sunday.

Until December 1, 2007, and Kellogg user booking a minimum visit will receive a reduced rate of $1,300.00 per day.  
(an $800.00 Savings)

Note: Travel or fuel charges may still apply.

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