What The Schools Are Saying

about balloon team visits ...


Kemp Elementary

Commerce City, California


Dear Kellogg’s and Wal*Mart

I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for sharing Scott, his crew and the “Tony the Tiger” hot air balloon with our school. Our students not only learned about the science and math involved with flying a hot air balloon, they also learned about teamwork. I also heard the kinder, first and second graders speaking French as they took their imaginary trip in the balloon with Scott.

Scott, Laurie and the team were kind and patient with our students. Their enthusiasm for flight was contagious. What an exciting experience that our students will not only talk about, but will also give them something exciting to describe in their writings. Again, thank you for this wonderful opportunity for our Kemp students.

Fondly –

Wanda Clark
Kemp Elementary School
Commerce City, Colorado


Stephen Foster Elementary

Lakewood, California 

Dear Scott & Laurie – As I’m sure was evident, the students and teachers were absolutely thrilled.

Imagination and enthusiasm soared, right along with your beautiful balloon. Students witnessed the spectacular event of a hot air balloon inflating before their eyes, and they also learned some history and science. You even had us speaking French...

(“Oo La La”)

Thanks for creating such a “Teachable Moment” for our students. I give you a soaring recommendation!


Nancy Gaines

Principal, Stephen Foster Elementary


Glazier Elementary School

Norwalk, California 

"We had a wonderful day with the Gr-r-reat Tony Balloon Team. Less than 2% of our students had ever seen a hot air balloon, so we not only enjoyed that aspect of the visit, but discovered a wonderful way to celebrate science at the same time.

My teachers used the balloon visit as a catalyst to motivate the students to create art, stimulate writing and as a tool for science lessons.

Our pilot was able to work very well with the kids. The presentation was given on a level the students understood. The Team’s presentations to our various grade levels, while containing much of the same information, were different for each age group. Our pilot had a magical connection to children and it showed during the assemblies. 

From a personal stand point, I enjoyed what Scott and Laurie brought to the program. While assemblies must have educational value, nothing says they can’t be fun. 

Fun and learning need to go together !"

Debbie McKenzie


Roosevelt Elementary School

Long Beach, California 

"Scott and Laurie Spencer are extraordinaryeducators disguised as balloonist’s.For our 1,000 inner-city students, the Spencer’sfully inflated the ‘Gr-r-reat Tony Balloon’ onour playground. The children were enthralled bythe experience.

However, it was the engaging storytelling aboutthe history of ballooning, the necessity of eating Miss Lorraine & Dr Holzmana good breakfast and the importance of learning to read that made this a truly educationalexperience that the students will remember for a lifetime. Thank You for coming !"

Dr Stefanie Holzman


Plya Del Rey Elementary School

Culver City, California 

"I thought the Balloon Team’s presentation to our students was unique and very special.Pilot Scott masterfully presented a story of ballooning that included history, math and social studies. The presentation was further enhanced by mentioning the great diversity of the individuals that first imagine, then engineer and finally sew the balloons together. At our school, positive lessons in diversity are deeply appreciated.

Scott’s lessons on the importance of eating a good breakfast before coming to school are important. As a “Tier One” school, nutrition is a monumental problem here.

Prior to the Balloon Team’s arrival at my school, students were given an opportunity to utilize the world wide web to learn about your balloon team. This provided them a chance to use technology as a vehicle to further enhance their skills.

To witness the process involved in preparing the balloon for flight was a special treat for students, parents and teachers.

Thanks to Tony The Tiger, we have formed a partnership with our local Albertsons. I’m confident that their support of our school will be returned to them in kind by the families of our students.

Scott and Laurie were dynamic and exciting as they brought the Kellogg’s message to life.

Thanks so very much !

Sharon Langman



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