December News Update

Hi Boys and Girls.  Lots of fun, interesting and STRANGE things going on here in Boise the past few weeks and we thought we’d keep you all up to date. 

As each year comes to a close, we have to do maintenance on our hot air balloons. The Federal Aviation Administration treats them just like any other aircraft, so they have to be inspected and any damage repaired. We have a friend named Mike Bauwens that visits us from Park City, Utah that takes care of it for us. 

Mike and his helper, Peggy Wilde were just here to take care of all our balloons. Stanley of course, helped.

Crew Chief Jesse celebrated a Birthday last week. Birthday’s are special around here so we made sure to get a cake and have all our friends come in to help celebrate. Jesse and Stanley have become pretty good friends.

And then there was something VERY strange:

With all our balloons, vehicles and equipment here in our building, we take security very seriously. There are cameras installed in several places around our building.  

As you know, Stanley keeps his house here in the “Lighter Than Air” warehouse, next to Scott’s office. 

Well, do you remember during our trip to Las Vegas and California last month that we stopped along the “Extraterrestrial Highway” to take a picture with Stanley?  Well, as I’m sure you noticed, Stanley floated in mid air below the sign, we were amazed, but had no idea how it happened. 

We’re not certain, but we think, Stanley brought a friend from the Extraterrestrial Highway with him when we left there.  You be the judge, here are two pictures that our motion cameras took, on two different nights here in the warehouse…

This picture was captured out on the floor of the warehouse where we park all the Kellogg, Wildhorse and Coke motor homes. 

This might explain why Stanley was floating in the other picture.  Stanley had mentioned something to us about someone named FLOYD being his new friend. I know that you know, that we meet lots of people in our travels, but do you suppose that this is Floyd?

This picture was taken by one of our cameras in a storage area above Scott’s office. It is starting to look like something very strange happens here when we leave the office each day after work … 

Do you think that Stanley’s friend Floyd might just be an alien? 

Well I don’t know for certain, but when we get back from Mexico, we’re going to try and figure this out. 

Next Stop – Leon Mexico!


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