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March News 

Hi Boys and Girls... look what we saw today in Palm Springs, California.  This is called a “Wind Farm”.  It is one of many ways that people here in the west produce electrical energy. Very neat stuff! They are big too, some as tall as ten story buildings.

There are hundreds and hundreds of these wind machines for as far as the eye can see. They are placed on the flat land in the desert as well as on top of hills.

They are important because they don’t require any kind of fuel to produce the electric energy, they run on wind power. 

FLAT STANLEY Takes A Cruise 

During Spring Break this year, Scott’s daughter’s (Shauna & Lesley) asked if they could take Stanley with them on a “Cruise”.  They will fly from Los Angles to San Juan, Puerto Rico on Saturday the 19th of March. Watch for the story on Flat Stanley’s Main Page. 


What Is Flat Stanley’s Favorite Cereal? 

Excellent question. We’ve wondered what his favorite is to.  Perhaps you know?  Stanley and TONY have become pretty good friends ... So I’m thinking it will be Frosted Flakes, cast your vote and let us know what you think his favorite is ... Watch Stanley’s main page later this month and cast your vote.


Flat Stanley – China Update 

Yes, Flat Stanley is going to China!  Departure is planned for mid May, we’ll give you all the details as soon as we have them all... how exciting is this?


January News –

Kids are back in school now… “Woo Hoo”!!! 

I bet everyone is sure glad to be back in school. I know I always missed seeing my friends over the holidays. 

Stanley is still with Pilot Jim on the east coast of the United States. We understand that he will be visiting Washington DC and New York very soon. 

Las Vegas… (again) 

Stanley is going to fly to Las Vegas in a few days to hang out with the LTAA gang at their annual meeting. We’ll take lots of pictures this time. 

From the “You never know who you’ll see during your travels” file, take a look at this picture Scott & Laurie took of Stanley in Houston a few weeks ago. Do you know who was flying on that airplane???

People in the airport told us that Laura Bush, wife of the President of the United States was returning to Washington from her Texas ranch. That’s pretty cool. 

Flat Stanley To Visit China 

How cool is that?  Looks like our pal Flat Stanley will be going to China in May with Scott’s daughter Lesley. More details as they become available but it should be an incredible trip. In addition to the usual tourist stuff… Lesley and Stanley will be spending time on an archeology project while they are there.


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