In-Store Promotional Equipment


The In-Store Team utilizes the entire inventory of Kellogg related balloon equipment to complete its mission for you. 

Scott and Laurie operate the “In-Store Team” and are capable of meeting your every mission requirement as specialists in high end, consumer and client public relations promotion. Their ability to provide successful relationship building tasks combined with their equipment inventory in the Kellogg Ballooning promotion is designed to accomplish one thing, steal the show for you! 

The “IST” travels with the following equipment:

Our promotional efforts begin the moment the Team rolls out of the Boise facility en-route to your promotional location.  Each team operates a variation (truck/trailer) of the support vehicle you see in the image above. 

Our truck/trailer combinations are proving to be efficient, economical, reliable and highly functional as we travel the country in service of your promotional events.

To insure a wide range of aerial capability, the “IST” travels with both a ‘Gr-r-reat Tony’ special shape balloon system and a ‘Little Tony’ standard shape hot air balloon. 

The ‘Gr-r-reat Tony’ balloon is a crowd favorite where ever it flies. Well known virtually worldwide, the ‘Gr-r-reat Tony’ balloon stands out “ears” above the rest of the world. 

The ‘Little Tony’ is utilized by the team in locations that are space limited or are challenged by marginal weather. The ‘Little Tony’ is said to be one of the most complex artwork balloons ever created by Aerostar International. Tony’s image and all the logo’s are built in as structural components of the balloon.

Cold Air “Inflatable” balloons for out-door use during promotions is a wonderful addition to any event. Taking a modest amount of room and powered by simple a simple 110 Volt extension cord, the cold air can operate in all kinds of marginal weather. 

The twenty-five foot tall Cold Air Tony (replica of the Gr-r-reat Tony balloon) has long been a favorite at promotions around the country. This year, it is joined by the new thirty foot tall “Full Torso Tony”. The sign Full Torso Tony holds can be changed to meet the needs of your specific promotion (if you give us a bit of warning).

In-door Cold Air “Pop-Up” balloons remain an important part of the Team’s promotional efforts on your behalf. The twelve foot tall replica of the Gr-r-reat Tony balloon and the world’s largest box of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes can be used in as many ways as your imagination will allow, from stage back-drop to the center of a promotional display or simply as a stand alone exposure, these little balloons have impact.

In 2003, the IST will travel with the new “Frosted Flakes Photo Back-Drop” cold air inflatable. This new tool is an excellent addition to the in-door cold air package, providing a first class venue for photo’s with characters, personalities or team members and their guests.

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