How To Book The Balloon Team For Your Event


We know just how busy you are. Our entire program is designed to minimize the time you spend on our part of your promotion. 

You are paying us to plan and execute your hot air balloon promotion, we’ll do everything possible to make it as “turnkey” as we can. We’ll need your help initially as we take care of the required paper work on your end (and ours). 

Beyond the paper, we will quite literally take care of all the details. There are four very simple steps in the process that will require your attention… 

Step One: 

It is quite easy to schedule the services of your Kellogg Balloon Team. Its as simple as calling our office (208-375-0512) … but before you do, here are a few things you’ll need to be ready to provide: 

1. The dates of your event. 

2. Where is the event being held ? 

3. The type of event. (is it a balloon rally, a community festival, an account specific promotion, a food show, a NASCAR promotion, school visit, etc…) 

4. Is there, or will there be, a contact, other than yourself, the team should work with to execute the promotion?

5. What would you like the team to do? (provide rides, tether at a specific location, cold air inflatable, store visit, flight demonstration, etc…) 

6. What is your goal in the promotional effort?  Are we building relationships, are we after a sales lift, or is it a “presence” marketing effort? 

Your Balloon Team has had 23 years of experience with the “Tony” balloons and has, at one time or another, done pretty much everything you might imagine that could be done. Utilize their experience as you plan your event.

Step Two:

We’ll tell you right away if the Balloon Team is available or not on the dates you request.
If it is available for you: 

We will issue you an “Operational and Price Confirmation” document for your review.
This document will detail the following:

a.  The event name or title.
b.  A tracking and confirmation number.
c.  Who the confirmation is prepared for.
d.  Specific operational dates. (area arrival, operations and departure)
e.  Specific, per day pricing.
f.  Total charges.
g.  The exact equipment we will use.

Step Three: 

After you have completed your review of the information we submit, any Account Specific “Team” internal requirement and accept the service we offer in the confirmation document: 

You will provide us with a Purchase Order or the appropriate charge number, 
an 8 digit ION number or a 6 digit responsibility number and the 10 digit GL number.

Your “P.O.” should be issued to: 

North American Balloon Group, Inc.
111 Broadway Ave.
Suite 133
Boise, Idaho, USA, 83702

Step Four:

When we receive your Purchase Order Number, several things are triggered: 

a.  Your event is confirmed on the Team Schedule.
b.  A bill is generated to YOU for our services. It will be your responsibility to submit and track it through the Kellogg system.
c.  Contact is made with the appropriate parties involved to begin the planning process.
d.  Travel planning including any required hotel reservations are made.
e.  A specific Pilot and Crew Chief are assigned.
f.  A specific event “task” list is generated.

Step Five:

We execute the event!

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