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Welcome to the Balloon Team’s Photo Page.

On this page, you’ll find some of our favorite photo memories of our work (and play) with Mickey, his family and the Disneyland Resort hot air balloon that we call the “Happiest Balloon on Earth” … Enjoy these pictures, most have never been seen before and come from Scott & Laurie’s private collection.

However, I have to thank John & Paul (not the Beatles) for always taking my Nikon with (OK, not always, but mostly) with a smile and firing off a few for me.

Scott and Laurie with Mickey and Minnie

Scott & Laurie posing with the Boss and his special girl in Salt Lake City.

First out-of-bag experience in Pendleton

A fantastic morning, taking HBOE out for the very first time in Pendleton.

Stunning Disney Ambassadors

Here are two stunning and talented Ambassadors patiently waiting to see that first inflation
and flight of the balloon in Pendleton.

First Flight with Disney Balloon

First flight …

Later in First Flight

Late in that first flight, nose to nose with the chase helicopter.

Great moment on edge of Grand Canyon

A great moment on the edge of the Grand Canyon during Site Survey.
(The balloon tour’s brain trust …)

Test Inflation in Los Angeles

Test inflation prior to an appearance in Los Angeles. It fit but just barely.

Mickey and Minnie with the Happiest Balloon on Earth

Mickey & Minnie in front of “Happiest Balloon on Earth”
on Disneyland’s 51st birthday (July 2006)

Mickey and Minnie in Ear Force One

Mickey & Minnie aloft in “Ear Force One” over Anaheim.

Balloon Team Staff and Crew

Balloon Team Staff & Crew on the Park’s Birthday.

Earning Post Flight Balloon Wings

A few of our Disney family members earning their “Post-Flight” Balloon Wings
during a quick visit to Boise.

Mickey at the Spirit of Boise

Mickey takes some air with Tony and a tall drink of Coke in Boise at
Ann Morrison Park, site of the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.

Daring Disney Photographer at Grand Canyon

A daring Disney photographer and adventure seeker in the Grand Canyon.

Practice Inflation in Madrid

A practice inflation in Madrid in support of the celebration of
Disneyland Resort-Paris’s 15th Birthday.

Keeping Mickey's Balloon Truck Clean

Keeping Mickey’s balloon truck clean and ready to go is a big job.

Mad Dog Matty and the Admiral

It’s “Mad Dog” Matty with the Admiral.

Lifting off in Segovia, Spain

Lifting off in Segovia, Spain.

Reading about us in the paper

Reading about our work in the paper …
(yet another front page)

Balloon Gang in Disneyland

A balloon gang posing backstage at Disneyland Resort, Anaheim.

 Now here we go, perhaps the very best “Black Ear” and “Gold Cap”
Disney hot air balloon photo’s ever taken, certainly our favorites …

Mickey at Washington Balloon Rally

Taken in the fall of 2007 at Prosser, Washington during a ballooning rally
by Lesley Spencer. (from a bridge on the river)

Hi-Def Camera on Helecopter

If you’re going to capture the preeminent Disney “Gold Cap” balloon image
you have to have the proper equipment to get it done. This special
Sundance A-Star was exactly what the High Def Doctor ordered.

Gold Cap over Grand Canyon

And here it is, the most spectacular “Gold Cap” balloon image ever captured if not
one of the greatest balloon pictures in the history of the sport.

(by Disney Photographer Paul Hiffmeyer, April 2006)


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