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Team Mission

The Coca-Cola hot air balloon team operated by Scott & Laurie Spencer, based in Boise, Idaho, has always been considered a unique and exciting interactive exposure and representation of the Coca-Cola brand with the special guests of local Coca-Cola ‘centers’ as well as the consuming general public.

In particular, Scott’s persona as the Aerial Ambassador of the Coca-Cola brand is highly regarded as one of the most brand loyal, consumer savvy, “gonna tell you how he sees it”  representatives the brand has ever seen. Spencer represents the brand, but he is also its most loyal consumer.

No longer traveling nationally, the Spencers have come full circle and returned to their Coca-Cola roots by generally limiting (other than by very special request) their operations for Coke to within the Swire Coca-Cola family and the western United States.

The Coca-Cola Balloon Team operates at community events, balloon festivals and special promotions on behalf of local Coca-Cola center management.

The Team must have a request or operational order from the local center or Swire management before activating a promotion. External events, festivals or promotions must secure the services of the Team through their local center, not the Team directly.

In addition to their flight operations for the brand, the Spencers have embraced social media and have integrated into their operations accordingly. In short, when the Spencers conduct a flight operation, they’re bringing an exciting, ever growing, global audience to the festival or promotion with them.
To generate an operational plan or secure a quotation for your promotion, festival or event simply contact the Team at your convenience to begin discussing your needs.

Contact Scott Spencer via e-mail or at his Boise office (208) -375-0512 during most regular business hours.


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