Our Fleet of Aircraft

Disney’s “Happiest Balloon On Earth”.  Seen above in its festive souvenir 50th Anniversary “Golden Ears” Cap in 2006 (right) and as it exists today, as the traditional image of Mickey’s face (left). This aircraft was built by Cameron Balloons.

Coke Balloons:

The Coca-Cola “Contour Bottle” Hot Air Balloon.
Built by Cameron Balloon it stands 154’ tall and has a volume of just under 140,000 cf.

The Coca-Cola “Round” Balloons.
(above left) the 54,000 cubic foot Aerostar “Olympic Spirit” exposure balloon.
(above right) the 90,000 cubic foot Lindstrand “Coke Classic” passenger balloon.

(above left) The Coke SkyStar Helium Airship is 23’ long.
(above right) The “Coke Cold Air” Balloon is 25’ tall.

Wildhorse Resort & Casino Balloon:

The Wildhorse Resort & Casino “Wind Warrior” Hot Air Balloon.
Built by Aerostar “Wind Warrior” is a 69,000 cubic foot balloon.
Wildhorse Resort & Casino is in Pendleton, Oregon.

Kellogg’s Balloons:

The “Gr-r-reat TONY Balloon (right) and “Little Tony” (left)
Currently, 4 shaped Great Tony and 3 round Little Tony Balloons are operated.

A variety of cold air, ground based inflatable balloons are also available for Kellogg events and promotional activities.

SkyStar Airships:

Our SkyStar Airships come in a variety of sizes to meet the demands of our individual clients work. We are capable of operating in a wide variety of flight. From free flying unmanned airships over festivals and events to tactical observation and or simple aerial photography via still or motion image with helium drone airship. Airships range in physical size from 13 to 23 feet in length. 

Scott Spencer’s Personal Balloons:

The “Spirit of Boise” hot air balloon was built by Aerostar.
Artwork on the balloon reflects the diversity of the citizens of Boise, the City of Trees.

“Shauna & Lesley’s Excellent Adventure” was built by Aerostar
Hand painted by artist Charlie Markert
Shauna as “Miss Muffet” (left side)
Lesley as “Little Bo Peep” (right side)

1974 Semco Model T (strictly a toy – aircraft for sale – 45 hours TT)

RAVEN “Swing Balloon” – Another fun toy

77,500 cubic foot Aerostar “Banner Balloon” – (For Sale)
59 Hours TT – Double Burner – Classic II Basket w/seat

School Visits
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